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Laatste Nieuws

Bedankt aan iedereen die er zaterdag bij was, we hebben er van genoten en we hopen jullie allemaal terug te zien bij het volgende concert.
gepost 10/09/2012 door Davy

De deuren gaan open om 19u, Roma Amor begint om 21u. Op dit moment gaan de deuren onherroepelijk dicht en op slot! Dit om te vermijden dat er tijdens het concert een komen en gaan is, aangezien de deur zich naast het podium bevind. Kom dus aub op tijd.
gepost 21/08/2012 door Davy

Les Nuits Hédoniste I 
Spiritual Front heeft bevestigd.
gepost 01/05/2012 door Davy

Les Nuits Hédoniste I
Roma Amor heeft bevestigd.
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Website on-line
Onze website heeft het licht gezien!
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Roma Amor

Somewhere between the melodic folk-inflicted charm of Italian 60ies' songwriters and the cabaret swoon of French chansonniers, Roma Amor's album is instinctively romantic and sophisticated.

This album will seduce you with its summer-evening mellowness before breaking your heart with its beautifully sensual croon. Wonderful ballads and torch songs about love inspired by the epic, fatalistic rugged grandeur of Aznavour, Brel, Piaf and 60ies' Italian songwriters, though in a much quieter and more delicate setting.

The album is sung in Italian with some French touches and the songs are from Roma Amor's own harvest. The result isn't experimental or inno-vative, but an acoustic and intimate album for fans of well-crafted singer-songwriting. Retro chic pale-blue digipak packaging with all lyrics included.

Spiritual Front

The 'armageddon gigolo' is back: after the succinctly titled first album for Trisol, on their brand new album 'Rotten Roma Casino' the charismatic Italian heartbreaker Simone Salvatori's band once again define that which they have shaped like no other: 'suicide pop'. That is to say: melancholy melodies, stirring guitar chords, emotional vocals and yearning string passages, but also solid-groove beats and macabre phrases.